Thursday, January 17, 2019

Krusty Gets Busted

First, some housekeeping. Say goodbye to this image for now. Go ahead. Smooch your screen. Love us in all our jaundiced glory. This cromulent threesome is of the past. Buy the shirt here to immortalize it forever and to feed your closet moths. 

Now turn those smoochy-poochy lips to this new and improved menage-a-four. We're not yellowed yet but we shall be soon. Max Booth III, frequent co-host, will no longer be overlooked nor will he be pointed out every time he's on the show because, neighborinos, he is an equal co-host and a forever-friend. Give him a round of applause. We're all going yellow. 

Now go become a Patron to hear us gab about the final season 1 episode of the Simpsons before anyone else!

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